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Psycho genealogy

Where does Psycho genealogy come from?

Psycho genealogy has its source in psychoanalysis, as the first psychogenealogists were psychoanalysts willing to put in relation the story of the patient and his family with ancestors stories that then are called “ghosts” .

This focus allows an understanding of certain conscious (but above all unconscious) psychological mechanisms, in order to release them.

This liberation avoids transmitting family problems again (symptoms, issues...) to the next generation.

But Psycho genealogy also finds its roots in other well-known methods in the areas of personal development and psychotherapy, that we are going to give you a short presentation of now.

Each method reinforces the impact of Psycho genealogy that analyses the “because of whom?”in a transgenerational way.

It is by detecting events' repetitions, revealing unsaid things and family secrets and placing each person in his real place on the family chessboard, that the patient can let go of certain symptoms, for example by eliminating unconscious behavioral loyalties (we will comment about that in another article).

As you have seen, the analysis of the “because of whom?' goes through the analysis of “with whom?”, “how?” and “what?”.

This work can be pretty long, as it looks like opening Russian dolls.

But it generally brings liberation and therefore the elimination of symptoms carried on by mistake from one generation to another.


Psycho genealogy Training


How does one become a practitioner?

To become a practitioner, you will need to follow a training specifically taught by an expert.

Although it's not mandatory to already be a therapist, to be trained in TA, NLP or SA, knowing the basis of those methods will be a huge plus, that we can also help you with.

Discover now our training and contact us for any additional training!


Our Psycho genealogy training course

Our online and distance learning platform Agoracadémie has offered personal and professional development training courses since the begining of 2010 (mostly in French for now).

Indeed, it is possible to get training for personal growth only but also for professional purposes to add another tool to your work through a certification training.

These trainings, offered for a very attractive price (one of the biggest advantages of a distance training) take place at the trainee's pace, at the same time that he is being supported by a certified trainer specialized in the subject studied.

Our training has been available since summer of 2016 and was created by Maria Dolores Sanchez, psychopractitioner and author of several books such as “Travel to the Land of our Ancestors”, a book presenting Psycho genealogy and published in 2012 at Jouvence Editions.

This training is available in an e-learning version (online) through our Agoracadémie platform and the support in your language is given through Angelique Alves, with the complicity and under the supervision of Maria Dolores Sanchez.

Support happens at distance (via Skype, phone, email...) or through this website depending upon your geographic situation. You may ask for information about the possibilities of support face to face and on site).

For more information about our Online training, please don't wait to contact us!