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Ancestors: how to free ourselves from their influence?

The idea of this article is to explain why knowing our ancestors allows us to live a better life.

Actually, we won't free ourselves from our ancestors but from their negative influence, or to be more precise from the negative and parasitic influence of the events our ancestors lived and left unresolved.

Based on Psychogenealogy, some important events of our ancestors' lives have even today a direct influence on their descendants.

This influence guides the next generations, preventing them from living their lives freely.

Of course, all of this is unconscious and the being who suffers has generally no idea that his unease, or even his desire to die, can be the consequence of an event that happened way before his birth.

By the way, if we think about it in a rational way, we can actually entertain some doubts about the truth of this affirmation.

However, we well know that our personality is built part from our nature and part from what we have acquired and that our parents' role has a big part in both of those aspects.

That is how the story of our parents goes through us as well as our grandparents' etc, and this story is very often made out of difficult events that are sometimes hard to handle... the issues get passed from one generation to the other and they systematically carry psychological problems more or less easy to detect and heal.


The liberation thanks to psychogenealogy

The detection and treatment of a psychological problem that is transgenerational (meaning passing from generation to generation) is the work accomplished by Psychogenealogy.

Knowing our ancestors is therefore essential to do that work and more importantly reach a positive result, that is a liberating one.

This liberation is of course fundamental for the patient who meets with a psychogenealogist and so it is for his descendants too since, by liberating himself, the patient avoids transmitting his psychological burden.


Psychogenealogy training online


This therapeutic work and personal growth experience happens in several sessions with a psychogenealogist.

The practitioner is able to help identify the possible origin of an issue as well as offer solutions adapted to the problem encountered (with, for example, the use of liberating symbolic acts).


Our online training

Our training in Psychogenealogy has a personal growth orientation rather than a therapeutic one.

Its goal is to train the student into its method to allow him to know his ancestors and the events of his family life better, but it is not intended to solve the student's psychological problems.

These are to be addressed under specific support.

It is possible to do so in parallel to the training with our tutor, who is a therapist trained as a Psychogenealogy practitioner.

This support is very interesting in the sense that it allows the student to integrate another method more efficiently thanks to the in-depth study of his own family story and its influence in his life.

It is by spending time on the top of the mountain that the mountain guide can then correctly guide others...


Our other certification trainings

Getting to know our ancestors is one of the objectives of our Psychogenealogy certification training, but did you know that you can also liberate yourself from other difficulties by using other methods such as:

  • Sophrology,
  • relaxation,
  • NLP,
  • Numerology
  • or EFT for example?

Discover these methods and online trainings on our platform e-learning Agoracadémie!


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