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Family Constellations or Psychogenealogy? | Agoracademie

Family Constellations

What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a method of transgenerational family therapy.

This psychological approach offers the patient a way to discover what limits his personal growth and how he can free himself from it.

To do so, the constellation practitioner asks the person about certain events that affect his ties with his family members:

  • accidents,
  • death...

Then the person is invited to choose among the members of the group the ones that are going to represent his ancestors involved in the exploration of the constellation because Family Constellations are performed in a group.

The person situates in the space the “actors” of this system, the ones that embody the person and his ancestors, and then observes the constellation from a distance.

This observation is guided by the constellation practitioner who interrogates by turns the person, the “actors” and the other group members who are not participating in the scene.

This dialogue and process allow the liberation of the blockages that are brought to light, the blockages also being helped with certain resolution rituals.

Once the problem is solved, the person can take the place of the one who represents him in this new constellation and experience the changes in his family relationships.


Who is Bert Hellinger?

German born in 1925 in Leimen (a little town in Bade-Wurtemberg), Bert Hellinger was formerly a missionary in Zoulou country who became a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist (group therapy and primary therapy) after he left the orders at the beginning of the seventies.

He originated Systemic Family Constellations (SFC) in the nineties.


Psychogenealogy training


Family Constellations training workshops

Family Constellations training usually takes place in workshops over the course of several weeks or several years.

The training allows personal growth (by working on one's own story) as well as professional growth as it is possible to add this new tool into your profession by becoming a SFC practitioner at the end of the training.

It is actually possible to get training directly at the source with Bert and Sophie Hellinger (in Brussels) joining the creator of the method.


Psychogenealogy online and at-distance training

There is a method that is very close to that of SFC which is called Psychogenealogy.

Though the methodology used may be different in its form, in substance, these two methods have the common objective of helping solve family problems.

Psychogenealogy online training can also be received through several workshops, or online and at-distance as it is offered in our e-learning Agoracadémie platform.

For more information, we invite you to discover the program of this online and at distance training (see “Shop”).

Of course, we are available for any questions you may have.

So please don't hesitate to contact us! 


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