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Genealogy training: psychological orientation | Agoracademie

Genealogy training

Genealogy training: definition & presentation

Genealogy training allows us to create an exact list of our lineage.

With it, we can identify the names of our ancestors with their birth dates, places of birth, and even their professions.

This information is usually presented as a genealogical tree that offers the possibility of visualizing the whole lineage in a schematic way that is easy to understand.

It is true that tracing ancestors can turn out to be complicated sometimes.

Thus, a tree has the advantage of presenting relationships in a simple and understandable way for everybody.

The genealogy research can be undertaken by a motivated family member (as the research can easily become difficult and complicated) or by a professional genealogist.

The genealogist is often called to find a descendant for an inheritance issue for example (it is called successional genealogy in that case).

But he can also be requested to help finish a genealogical tree.


Psycho genealogy training: defnition

Psycho genealogy is different from genealogy as it focuses on uncovering the psychological issues of a family to provide liberation from them.

To do so, Psycho genealogy also uses a genealogical tree called specifically, a genosociogram.

This tree is organized and structured around the person who would like to check that his actual problems aren't related to a psychological and traumatic inheritance from his family.

The genosociogram is then carried out on several generations (some practitioners suggest going back at least five generations) to be able to detect similarities.

These similarities can indicate that a psychological problem is passed from generation to generation, like a family loyalty for example (see our article about it) and that the patient of the psychogenealogist is carrying that weight on.

If no therapeutic work is engaged, the problem could very well continue its path and bring complications (or destruction) to the lives of future generations... therefore, this transgenerational problem needs a specific treatment with a liberating symbolic act for example.

That is why Psycho genealogy is both at the same time:

  • a personal growth method (as it is learning to know oneself by knowing the story of our ancestors)
  • a therapeutic method (as it is identifying repetitive psychological problems and adapting a therapy to solve them).


Psycho Genealogy Training


Psycho genealogy training: presentation

Psycho genealogy training goes through the study of one's own genealogical tree within the framework of a genosociogram's interpretation.

As with all similar methods, you can't improvise its practice and the simple reading of a book on the subject can't replace its apprenticeship with an expert.

The expert of our training center is Maria-Dolores Sanchez.

She uses Psychogenealogy in the framework of her psychotherapy practice and she presents this discipline in one of her books published in 2012 from Jouvence Editions called “Travel to the Land of our Ancestors”.

Today, Maria-Dolores gives you the opportunity to be trained online and at-distance through Agoracadémie e-learning platform and under the tutorial of Angelique Alves.

For more information, please don't wait:

  • take a look at the outline of this training and contact us if you need any information.

You can also sign up for the training to start your apprenticeship immediately


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