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Who are we?


Here is a short presentation of our team participating in the set up of this training course in your language.


Angelique Alves

Angelique AlvesIn the personal development field since 2003, Angelique is passionate about the link between body, mind, emotions, as well as how our ancestors influence our path.

She has personally explored Family Constellations Therapye and Psychogenealogy as a patient of Maria-Dolores Sanchez, until she decided to take the Psychogenealogy practitioner course to share and help others with this wonderful method.

A translator in French, Spanish and English, she has a master's degree in Spanish and French studies.

Living in the United States since 2013, Angelique combines:

  • bodywork (she is a Shiatsu and Massage therapist, and Yoga teacher)
  • with Psychogenealogy in her private practice.

She coaches English speaking students in Maria-Dolores Sanchez' Psychogenealogy training course with Agoracadémie.

Therefore, she will accompany you during the entire training that is under the direction of Maria-Dolores Sanchez who we present below.

To do the support hours necessary to your Psychogenealogy practitioner certification, simply make an appointment with Angelique, then make your payment in advance and directly to her for the cost of the sessions.

Please note that this amount is to be paid to her directly and not to Agoracadémie.


Maria-Dolores Sanchez

Maria-Dolorès SanchezMaria-Dolores is the creator of the Psychogenealogy online training course.

She has a private practice for many years as a psychopractitioner and works between Paris and the Southeast of France where she lives.

Maria-Dolores is also the author of several books like “Travel to the Land of our Ancestors” published in 2012 at Jouvence Editions.

She supervises your tutor and takes responsibility for the quality of your training until the certification.

She speaks French and Spanish.


Laurent Bertrel

Laurent BertrelLaurent is the founder of Agoracadémie which he created at the beginning of 2010.

He is a trainer, coach and author of many materials on personal development (books, CD's, DVD's, games etc).

Laurent is a:

  • NLP master practitioner,
  • NLP coach,
  • relaxation therapist,
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner,
  • Reiki master
  • and Martial Arts teacher.

He is actually getting trained in individual psychology (Adlerian Psychoanalysis) and has undertaken a master's degree in educational sciences.

He is in charge of the technical aspect of the website and confirms your enrollment to the training as soon as your payment has been received for the e-learning access.

He speaks French, English and German. 

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