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Transgenerational: definition | Agoracademie since 2010


Transgenerational: a definition

We call transgenerational the transmission of an inheritance coming from remote generations.

These generations are not necessarily known by family members and nonetheless, they transmit what the psychogenealogist or transgenerational psychoanalyst calls the psychological inheritance (see Transgenerational Analysis).

This inheritance can sometimes be very heavy to carry as it can have problematic or even dramatic consequences for the next young generation.

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Psychogenealogist: online training on Agoracademie center


Psychogenealogist: Psychogenealogy practitioner training course

In other articles, we have talked about genealogy, Psychogenealogy, family loyalty and also liberating symbolic acts.

Here we will explain what a Psychogenealogy practitioner is and the way to be trained to become one.


Psychogenealogist: the definition

A psychogenealogist is a practitioner trained in Psychogenealogy.

Generally, he is a psychotherapist or psychopractitioner and gives support to his patient in the liberation of psychological issues related to his family history.

The Psychogenealogy training is fairly quick on the theory part because only a few weeks are needed to master the basic concepts.

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Family secrets, how to liberate yourself with Agoracademie?

Family secrets

A few words about the family secrets

A family secret is something unsaid which means some information kept silent generally because of shame and fear of explaining the inexplicable:

  • incest,
  • abuse,
  • suicide,
  • murder...

Family members aware of this past event carefully and willingly often hide this explosive secret in order to protect other members of the tribe or their own reputation.

But if the “explosion” isn't brought to light, the family secret can be dangerous as it will infiltrate in a pernicious and unconscious way and will end by contaminating all the descendants transgenerationally.

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The curse: how to undo it? Psychogenealogy - Agoracademie

The curse

The curse: its definition

The definition of the word “curse” found in the dictionary connects with the one of Psychogenealogy, a therapeutic method used in psychotherapy that we have been talking about for several days in this blog.

The definition is:

  • “words of harm or injury wished upon someone”.

The dictionary even talks about a “prayer or invocation” intending to harm someone, which indicates that a curse is like a sentence for disgrace that seems to be coming from a superior power.

This power is for some people their destiny.

It is written and therefore it occurs.

But for others, this negative energy is passed from one generation to another until a descendant finds a way to banish this fate.

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