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Psychogenealogy: definition & training

What is Psychogenealogy?

“ The dead are invisible, they are not absent.”  Saint Augustin

Depending on particular branch, Psychogenealogy can have different names: Biopsychogenealogy, Transpersonal Genealogy, Transgenerational Genosociogram and others.

Even if it has different names (each model has its variations but seems to take the same direction), this personal development tool intends to expose the family's psychological patterns.

Indeed, this concept is an invitation to look at the notion of heredity and offers the idea of a true psychological inheritance transmitted not only from “father to son” but also transmitted through the generations.

Thus it seems that an individual is not as free as he might think as he is largely influenced by his family story and the complex links that have formed from generation to generation.

He can remain a prisoner of this “spider net” or become aware of it and take charge of his life by decoding this psychological inheritance.

This decoding will allow him to better perceive conscious and unconscious family influences to understand his own functioning and clarify some of his behaviors.

For this purpose, a genealogical tree (called genogram or psychogenogram) is built and interpreted psychologically and symbolically.

As soon as an issue is discovered (a family loyalty for example), a symbolic act is proposed to try to liberate the patient from the specific issue.

Among other things, this is what you are going to learn in this online and distance training in Psychogenealogy.



Training goal : becoming a Psychogenealogy practitioner

Our certifying training course happens in two stages.

Stage 1

During stage 1 which allows you to become a technician, you will learn the tools of Psychogenealogy to get to know the method.

Stage 1 requires around 30 hours of work.

Stage 2

During stage 2 which allows you to become a practitioner, you are going to learn to use these tools by working on your own personal story.

This application in the framework of your personal growth will help you make the tools of the method yours.

Please note: this is personal development and not psychotherapy, because this is a training course and not therapeutic work.

The assimilation of the method is possible thanks to the personalized support of our tutor through Skype or in person depending on your geographic location (ask for more information).

Stage 2 requires around 100 hours of work. 




The Psychogenealogy technician and pratitioner certification

To get the technician certification (this certification is open to anyone that desires to be trained in this method), you need to get at least 80% correct answers on the tests (there is a multiple choice type test at the end of each module to check on your theoretical knowledge).

To get the practitioner certification (this certification is only open to people who have already received a specific training in a field of therapy: we review applications to see if it's a good fit for you and appreciate you contacting us), you need to first have the Psychogenealogy technician certification and then do the following work:

  • make a genealogy tree

  • do personal work on your own family story (make your genealogy tree using the method offered, analyze this tree, perform symbolic acts)

  • do the support hours with your tutor.

  • study a specific case

Thanks to this training which allow you to become a practitioner, you then have the possibility of using Psychogenealogy in your professional activity.


How to sign in? What do you have to pay?

It is very simple as you just need to go to our “shop” to pay for the e-learning access for the actual cost of only €250!

This is an introductory price offer, so take advantage of it!

The cost of the support part (2 hours duration) is $60 the hour, that is $120 total.

Two additional hours may be proposed to you to deepen your knowledge.

They are highly suggested but are not obligatory.

Note that the support is not obligatory if you only want to be trained to the method in a theoretical way.

In this case, the cost is only €250 and corresponds to the technician level.

The Psychogenealogy technician certification will be sent to you if you get at least 80% correct answers.

However, if you wish to become a Psychogenealogy practitioner, the personal support allowing you to work on the practical aspect of the method is essential.

In this case the cost is €250 (e-learning) + $120 (support + eventually additional hours depending on your choice).

Note that the personalized support payment is to be made directly to your tutor ($60 per hour as mentioned earlier).

Only the access to the e-learning platform is to be paid to Agoracadémie (€250).


Do you have any more questions?

Do you have another question about our Psychogenealogy certifying training?

Please don't wait to contact us! 


Community International of Psychogenealogy

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