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Correspondence training Psychogenealogy - Agoracademie

Correspondence training

Correspondence training to learn Psychogenealogy

In this article, we are going to present you an alternative method to the correspondence training.

Correspondence training has been in existence for a long time as it appears officially since 1800.

But distance training is now taking the place of this aging method that is actually pretty costly for the trainee and for the environment, as we explain below in our chapter about rates.

The program we want you to discover today is our Psychogenealogy training.


Psychogenealogy in a few words

Being at the same time a system of personal growth and a therapeutic method, Psychogenealogy allows to identify psychological problems of a family and of an individual in particular (your client or patient for example) in order to help release them.

Indeed, it seems that a psychological problem (a family loyalty problem for example; see our article about that absorbing subject) is able to pass from a generation to another creating the same damages and contaminating or even destroying the lives of members from a same family.

With Psychogenealogy, it is not only possible to identify the repetition of these problems but it is possible above all to have the opportunity to get rid of them by using specific techniques (such as symbolic acts).


Psychogenealogy Correspondence Training


At Agoracadémie, no correspondence training, but distance training

In the begining, all our training courses were offered by correspondence, but we slowly abandoned that method to make our education more dynamic, fun and therefore more efficient.

Our e-learning platform available on internet allows a variety of materials without:

  • having to install a CD-rom,
  • open a DVD, etc.

You just have to follow the program of our teachings to get trained actively, by letting us stimulate your senses in a different and helpful way.


Discover our rates...they are incredible!

Indeed, as we are a distance learning center that offers online training, we don't have the same expenses as a correspondence training center or a traditional private school (need of trainers in presence to teach workshops, physical location, administration services, printing costs of books, copies, CD, DVD etc).

Our approach allows us to offer affordable training for a fair price at the same time we help preserve the environment.

However, if you want to download and print our classes from our e-learning platform, that is possible too.

At the same time, note that simply downloading the documents on your computer could be enough (less printing= environmental conservation ;-).

Note that even if you get distance training, you are never alone, as a trainer is always available to answer your questions and help you progress at your own rhythm by sharing with you her professional experience (and this is great teaching as there is nothing like experience). 


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