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Family loyalty or fidelity in Psychogenealogy - Agoracademie

Family loyalty

Family loyalty or fidelity?

In fact, depending on the trends of Psychogenealogy, it is possible to use both terminologies, that is to say:

  • family fidelity
  • or family loyalty.

That's because both cover the same idea, the same concept inspired from systemic therapy that analyzes the link between two people or between a person and a group.

Thanks to this analysis, we can reveal wether the link is desired or endured.

But whether this link is accepted or imposed, it is necessary to let go of a “toxic” link not to have to bear its price and above all to avoid that future generations carry its burden (which can be very heavy and have dramatic consequences).

Indeed, the family loyalty can get transmitted from generation to generation.


Example of family loyalty

To illustrate what we have just said, let's take a very good example of family loyalty, one that's easy to understand.

Let's imagine a family where one of the ancestors was forced to marry not out of love but because of financial interests.

It is what we call a marriage of convenience, or making “a good match”.

Based on the interests at stake, the marriage is therefore sealed under duress to avoid the risk of being deprived of heritage in the end.

The children are forced to get married under the pressure of their parents for the good of both families, as they themselves had to do previously.

This forced union will make the couple unhappy their whole life and will leave to the next generation the image of disappointment in marital love.

The bequeathed message is then pretty clear:

  • love has nothing to do with marriage and worse, love associated with marriage is to be feared.

Therefore, to be loyal to the family and avoid experiencing fear, it is convenient and accepted to marry for financial interest and put love aside.

That is what the descendants of this rich but unhappy couple will then do and do over again, carving this life philosophy in the tree of the family history.

Thanks to Psychogenealogy, we can expose this family loyalty and above all find symbolic acts that will allow us to break the “spell” to get free and stop contaminating future generations.


Psychogenealogy Training


Get trained in Psychogenealogy

Psychogenealogy training starts first with personal development allowing the student to work on his own personal story (including family loyalties).

This personal work is indeed important to be able to guide others better and serves as a base for the theoretical study of this method that has been developing since the 1990's.

The online training we offer you is a 100% at-distance one, mostly online on our e-learning Agoracadémie platform and partly through Skype (or face-to-face) under the direction of our trainer and with the guidance of our tutors.


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