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Genosociogram: definition & training course on Agoracademie


Genosociogram: its definition

The genosociogram is a genealogical tree of a certain type.

It isn't used as a “simple” family lineage outline as it is the case in genealogy, but rather it is used in the framework of personal development and therapeutic work.

Formed with at least five generations (or even seven or ten), the genosociogram indicates in a visual way the important moments in the life of a family.

These moments are sometimes very positive, but they can also be negative and responsible for many distresses such as personality troubles that can generate internal or external conflicts with:

  • family members,
  • neighbors,
  • colleagues,
  • friends,
  • etc.


What is the purpose of the genosociogram?

The genosociogram is a useful analysis tool used originally in Psychogenealogy.

Psychogenealogy's idea is to use the information of the genosociogram to help a patient solve some of his problems.

Indeed, among other things, it is by discovering the repetition of negative moments and their consequences that we can isolate a psychological issue in the patient (and/or in his family), and then work on setting up a specific solution for it.

This solution can be a symbolic act for the patient to let go of a negative link that would connect him to his family story.

But the solution can also be an in-depth psychotherapy aiming to undo the psychological knots unfolding one after the other.

That would allow the patient to create a new story free of blockages, where he will be able to create his happiness and the one of his descendants.

Indeed, the liberation creates psychological emancipation for the patient and as a consequence for his children, as he avoids transmitting the family psychological heritage that he had carried on his shoulders until then like a true burden.


Psychogenealogy Training


Psychogenealogy training course

Do you want to learn to build and use a genosociogram to help solve some personal issues or to add a new discipline to your professional activity?

Then discover our certifying psychogenealogy training!

This training is open to anyone who would like to solve some of their psychological problems or to professionals who would want to integrate this therapeutic dynamic to their sessions.


Agoracadémie: online and distance training center

Our online and distance training center specialized in personal development has been in place since the beginning of 2010.

This was when Laurent Bertrel (coach and author of several books on personal and professional development) decided to get into this adventure and offer a stress and emotions management course.

Successful with this first program that uses his method called “coach your own stress”, he then developed other trainings in communication, relaxation and creativity.

Since then, he set up a team of trainers offering different trainings open to everybody and particularly to professionals in the personal growth and therapy industry.

Often, these trainings offer certification and therefore allow the professional (current or future) to add a new skill to his work. 


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