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The curse: how to undo it? Psychogenealogy - Agoracademie

The curse

The curse: its definition

The definition of the word “curse” found in the dictionary connects with the one of Psychogenealogy, a therapeutic method used in psychotherapy that we have been talking about for several days in this blog.

The definition is:

  • “words of harm or injury wished upon someone”.

The dictionary even talks about a “prayer or invocation” intending to harm someone, which indicates that a curse is like a sentence for disgrace that seems to be coming from a superior power.

This power is for some people their destiny.

It is written and therefore it occurs.

But for others, this negative energy is passed from one generation to another until a descendant finds a way to banish this fate.

That vision is the advanced version of the psychogenealogist (or Psychogenealogy practitioner).

Therefore, there is nothing magical or paranormal wit that, as it is actually about a psychological inheritance.


Curse and evil spell

The word “curse” (“malediction” in French) is thus related to Latin “male-dictio” that means “bad words said”.

As we have specified above, the curse in Psychogenealogy is not thrown on the person with actions by a sorcerer specialized in black magic (or using a voodoo doll and other magical tools).

It is not an evil ritual performed but “simply” words charged with hatred or destructive thoughts aimed at a specific target such as a person or a group of people (a family and its posterity...).

The curse is pronounced (“male-dictio”) and so there isn't any evil event fabricated, which would be an evil spell.

In Latin, evil spell is “maleficum” (meaning a wrongdoing in order to harm).

It is important to know the difference between both very well, in order not to give or have a mistaken vision of Psychogenealogy.


Psychogenealogy Training


The curse: its impact

The harmful sentences expressed by a slanderous person (and even more by a group of slanderous people) carry so much hatred and negativity that they can really end up destroying a person's life (with death) or his reputation (generating social, financial or sentimental death).

The worse is that this curse continues to be active and passed down the generations if we don't address it.

This can last for centuries and create considerable damages for the descendants of the cursed person until one of the members of this family does his best to deprogram the curse.


The curse: its liberating symbolic acts

Symbolic acts aim at freeing a family from a transgenerational curse.

In our Psychogenealogy training, we study the active programmings of the curses (called “crime memories”), their transmission (through first names for example) and most importantly how to deprogram them.

To discover the content of this training that you can do for self or professional growth (as the training can aim towards certification if you so decide), please:

  • go to our online shop
  • and contact us for any additional information. 


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