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Family secrets, how to liberate yourself with Agoracademie?

Family secrets

A few words about the family secrets

A family secret is something unsaid which means some information kept silent generally because of shame and fear of explaining the inexplicable:

  • incest,
  • abuse,
  • suicide,
  • murder...

Family members aware of this past event carefully and willingly often hide this explosive secret in order to protect other members of the tribe or their own reputation.

But if the “explosion” isn't brought to light, the family secret can be dangerous as it will infiltrate in a pernicious and unconscious way and will end by contaminating all the descendants transgenerationally.

This will generate issues such as psychological and behavioral problems leading the whole family to individual and family conflicts.

With Psychogenealogy, it is possible to liberate everybody from the negativity of a family secret's shadow by working on the psychological inheritance transmitted from generation to generation.

Acting in the present to stop suffering from the past is what Psychogenealogy proposes.


How does one get rid of family secrets?

Actually, we won't get rid of the family secret in itself but more precisely of its negative impact in our existence.

To do so, the Psychogenealogy practitioner (or psychogenealogist) will suggest to his patient performing a symbolic act to allow him to get free from that negative energy related to the family secret.

This act is considered magic for certain people but for others it is simply a direct communication with our brain (usually the reptilian brain) allowing a reprogramming in order to bring a positive change.

The idea is not to change the patient's and his ancestors' story since this has already happened in the past and therefore can't be changed anymore.

However, it is possible to transform its energy into something positive and that favorably and forever impact the life of the patient and his descendants.




Do you want to learn how to free yourself from a family secret?

For yourself or one of your patients?

Then we kindly invite you to discover right now our Psychogenealogy training.

This distance training is open to anyone willing to be free from a family secret or from an unconscious weight that has a huge influence on the person's life quality.

Thus the training is in the framework of personal development (and not of a therapy) or professional development as you can choose the certification level.

The therapist you are or wish to become can then add one more tool to his professional tool box.

For additional information, you are welcome to go on our online shop.

Of course, we are totally available to answer your questions by email.

We hope to see you soon on Agoracadémie to discover all our trainings (with certification or not) available online and at distance!


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