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Psychogenealogist: online training on Agoracademie center


Psychogenealogist: Psychogenealogy practitioner training course

In other articles, we have talked about genealogy, Psychogenealogy, family loyalty and also liberating symbolic acts.

Here we will explain what a Psychogenealogy practitioner is and the way to be trained to become one.


Psychogenealogist: the definition

A psychogenealogist is a practitioner trained in Psychogenealogy.

Generally, he is a psychotherapist or psychopractitioner and gives support to his patient in the liberation of psychological issues related to his family history.

The Psychogenealogy training is fairly quick on the theory part because only a few weeks are needed to master the basic concepts.

But the practical acquisition of it is more demanding and requires important personal work.

This work can be done:

  • in a self-growth process (knowing oneself thanks to one's family history)
  • or through therapy to liberate oneself from transgenerational family problems.

Therefore, to become a psychogenealogist or Psychogenealogy practitioner, it is necessary to learn the theory but also and most importantly to undergo personal work to be able to accompany others more expertly.


Psychogenealogy: the definition

Psychogenealogy is a therapeutic method of self-growth based on genealogy, but bringing a psychological dimension to it.

Genealogy establishes a genealogical tree by identifying the whole filiation.

Psychogenealogy gives a specific meaning to this tree (that we call then a genogram or a genosociogram) by detecting the psychological family problems that get repeated and passed from one generation to another.

It is by observing and pointing out this psychological family inheritance that we can apply a therapeutic remedy to help a patient free himself from it.

This liberation avoids the problems transmission to future generations and sometimes also helps to free the rest of the family from this burden, since it is not useful anymore to carry and bear its burden or experience it dramatically.


Psychogenealogy Online Training


Training to become a Psychogenealogist

Our training to become a Psychogenealogy practitioner has two steps:

  1. The first one is about exploring the concepts of the method and acquiring the theoretical bases.

  2. The second is a time for practice to make the method yours by working on oneself and one's own family history. Please note: here we are talking about self-growth and not about therapy, since we are in the framework of a professional training that aims to train practitioners.

The training course appears in our Agoracadémie e-learning platform but also with personalized support with a tutor trained by our trainer.

This support aswers all your theory questions and allows you to use the method globally in a practical application.

This is how you can become a Psychogenealogy practitioner, by getting online and distance training and/or in person depending on your geographic location (ask for more information on this subject) and your personal choice.



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