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Genealogy training

Genealogy training: definition & presentation

Genealogy training allows us to create an exact list of our lineage.

With it, we can identify the names of our ancestors with their birth dates, places of birth, and even their professions.

This information is usually presented as a genealogical tree that offers the possibility of visualizing the whole lineage in a schematic way that is easy to understand.

It is true that tracing ancestors can turn out to be complicated sometimes.

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Family Constellations or Psychogenealogy? | Agoracademie

Family Constellations

What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a method of transgenerational family therapy.

This psychological approach offers the patient a way to discover what limits his personal growth and how he can free himself from it.

To do so, the constellation practitioner asks the person about certain events that affect his ties with his family members:

  • accidents,
  • death...

Then the person is invited to choose among the members of the group the ones that are going to represent his ancestors involved in the exploration of the constellation because Family Constellations are performed in a group.

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Ancestor Syndrome, Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger | Agoracademie

The Ancestor Syndrome

The Ancestor Syndrome: the book from Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger

The Ancestor Syndrome (published in 1998) is a not-to-be-missed book for anyone who is interested in Psychogenealogy.

Translated in several languages, more than 350,000 copies were sold around the world, which makes it a reference book for some and a true bible for others.

We will give you a short presentation of its author, Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger.

In her book, she presents the influence of our ancestors in our daily life and the solutions to release it through a transgenerational therapy.

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Ancestors: knowing them to free yourself - Agoracademie


Ancestors: how to free ourselves from their influence?

The idea of this article is to explain why knowing our ancestors allows us to live a better life.

Actually, we won't free ourselves from our ancestors but from their negative influence, or to be more precise from the negative and parasitic influence of the events our ancestors lived and left unresolved.

Based on Psychogenealogy, some important events of our ancestors' lives have even today a direct influence on their descendants.

This influence guides the next generations, preventing them from living their lives freely.

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