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Family loyalty

Family fidelity or loyalty?

In fact, depending on the trends of Psychogenealogy, it is possible to use both terminologies, that is to say family fidelity or family loyalty. That's because both cover the same idea, the same concept inspired from systemic therapy that analyzes the link between two people or between a person and a group. Thanks to this analysis, we can reveal wether the link is desired or endured. But whether this link is accepted or imposed, it is necessary to let go of a “toxic” link not to have to bear its price and above all to avoid that future generations carry its burden (which can be very heavy and have dramatic consequences). Indeed, the family loyalty can get transmitted from generation to generation.

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Genosociogram: definition and training course on Agoracadémie

Genosociogram definition

Genosociogram: its definition

The genosociogram is a genealogical tree of a certain type. It isn't used as a “simple” family lineage outline as it is the case in genealogy, but rather it is used in the framework of personal development and therapeutic work.

Formed with at least five generations (or even seven or ten), the genosociogram indicates in a visual way the important moments in the life of a family. These moments are sometimes very positive, but they can also be negative and responsible for many distresses such as personality troubles that can generate internal or external conflicts (with family members, neighbors, colleagues, friends etc).

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Psychogenealogy training: how to become a practitioner?

Psychogenealogy practitioner

Where does Psychogenealogy come from?

Psychogenealogy has its source in psychoanalysis, as the first psychogenealogists were psychoanalysts willing to put in relation the story of the patient and his family with ancestors stories that then are called “ghosts” .

This focus allows an understanding of certain conscious (but above all unconscious) psychological mechanisms, in order to release them. This liberation avoids transmitting family problems again (symptoms, issues...) to the next generation.

But Psychogenealogy also finds its roots in other well-known methods in the areas of personal development and psychotherapy, that we are going to give you a short presentation of now.

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Correspondence Psychogenealogy training - Agoracademie

Correspondence Psychogenealogy training

Psychogenealogy training per correspondence

In this article, we are going to present you an alternative method to the correspondence training.

Correspondence training has been in existence for a long time as it appears officially since 1800. But distance training is now taking the place of this aging method that is actually pretty costly for the trainee and for the environment, as we explain below in our chapter about rates.

The program we want you to discover today is our Psychogenealogy training.

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